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Snow Day!!!

Tweets, plus annotations

  • 08:46 SNOW DAY!!!! #
    aiskon had to go in to work. Me, I got to stay home and sleep in. Of course, thanks to VPN I did work, too, but I didn't have to go out in the muck.
  • 19:03 We are going to try Brooklyn Pizza - egsbrooklynpizza.com - (They're new-ish around here) #
    Road conditions were clear enough that I didn't feel guilty about making a pizza delivery drone drive out to us. Their crust is good - thin with a little crunch, but sturdy enough to hold everything. The cheese on the 'extra cheese" pie wasn't more than I'd expect on a regular. The chicken/garlic white pizza was very good. The website's cute, but could be a little easier to read. No online ordering, though - one must use the actual phone.
  • 22:27 Moron of the day: Retired barber... says that when television chefs recommended kosher salt in recipes, he wondered, "What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?"

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I got sent flowers at work!
I got sent flowers at work!
I got sent flowers at work!,
originally uploaded by Kit Kendrick.

I got a call from the receptionist telling me I had something pretty waiting for me at the main desk. She told me he'd called the day before to get our address, and that he could only remember my first name. (I'm the only one here, though, so that was fine.)

Naturally, I took photographic evidence.

The attached note reads:

"Dear yduras, Thank you very much for your work on [project]. It was a long road, but I am so glad that you & I stuck to it. You did a GREAT job!! - Thank You - Customer"

A Roundabout Way To Get a Box of Donut Holes
yin-yang, cat

This morning, on I-78, there was a horrible accident. It was so bad, that four hours later, the westbound lanes near work were pretty much impassable, and the congestion had backed up onto the Parkway. Guess what route many of my co-workers take to come into work in the morning?

I received an IM from a co-worker, K, who was stuck in the traffic. (Given the nature of the traffic, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming she was not texting while in motion.) She mentioned that she'd seen at least one other person from our office stuck in the same jam. After a while of negligible process, I asked her where she was. Having lived in the area, I was able to work out a back way to get to work from the next exit. I texted her the directions. A few minutes later I got a note that "about eight people" had followed her.

When K arrived, one of the other drivers handed her a box of Munchkins, to thank her for getting them out of the traffic jam and into work. She gave them to me, on the grounds that I was the one who sent the directions.

So, hey... donut holes.

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Shoes (Yesterday's News, elaborated)

The whole barefoot and covetous links in yesterday's twitters are related. Both shoes linked are supposed to feel like being barefoot, which is why I want to try them. Shoes amuse me as decorative items the way makeup amuses me - there's fun to be had for dressup, but without it generally more comfortable. I used to go barefoot in college pretty much all the time; I just carried a pair of slippers in my pocket for when I went places that required shoe-wearing (the physics building, the cafeteria, etc.)

I've been pulling the incredibly unfashionable black-sock-with-sandals for most of this winter (they're black sandals, though, so it's not really obvious) because it's more comfortable. (The sandals are getting a bit tatty though...) If I'm not very careful trimming toenails, most of my heeled boots will tear up my toes because the closed toebox and foot angle combine to squish my toes. Some of it, is that it's hard to find properly fitting shoes - I wear a 9.5W or 10W, and they can be hard to track down.

I've got a pair of the "Nike Free" sneakers for workouts, but they're slip-ons, and kind of a pain to get on. (slip on sneakers? why?) They're supposed to have flexible soles and be easier to walk on and all. I think the width problem may be an issue there, too, though. It's occurred to me, though, that I should just start buying men's sneakers again. They come in less preposterous color schemes, too...


  • 15:34 In New Jersey, it is not illegal to operate a vehicle while barefoot. #
  • 15:51 I really covet these - tinyurl.com/aflheb - I'm just not sure I can blow $150 on them. #
  • 15:52 These, too - tinyurl.com/yq3z37 - $75 is more affordable, but they're a hair funny-looking. #
  • 22:28 Become a "Witch" - tinyurl.com/dxg7vy - clearly my pagan friends have been making this far too difficult. #

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Losermail, I get losermail

I have a site where I've compiled how various supernatural creatures are handled in fiction. Periodically I get emails with helpful corrections or suggestions of other source material I should catalog.

And then there's the losermail, in which I get asked things like how to go about meeting a "real vampire". Or, this...

Subject: Witch_Myths‏
From: [redacted]
Sent: Tue 1/06/09

witches,vampires,etc. are no myth. they hide cause some are afraid of exposer or afraid to live like the salem witchtrials. There are some who are very talented and who can see the future. Some conjure elements very good. Witches can be good or evil. Good likes to help others with there problem. They are kind and loveing people. There is magic all around us. we just don't notice it.

Ooooh-kay, then!

I'm safe! Go, me!
How dangerous of a driver are you?

Created by The Car Connection

Doctor Horrible Icon Post!

And these are from the Captain Hammer Comic

(I did a little clumsy photoshopping to take the glove out of the second one. A delicate and patient hand is not among my virtues.)


(from the bit where Captain Hammer warns us not to trust science geeks.)

This is the image used for the Dr Horrible T-Shirt

Ratings and Impressions of my Name
Girl With Glasses

If I were more popular, I'd try to start this one as a meme!

I went to behindthename.com, and looked up my name.

It told me:
Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, Scandinavian, German
Pronounced: SIL-vee-ə (English)

(It also told me I was supposed to spell it with an i, although "This has been the most common English spelling since the 19th century." )

I also clicked on the "Ratings and Impressions" link. I found out I am:
Refined (85%), Formal (85%), Wholesome (81%), Classic (79%), Upperclass (76%), Serious (74%), Mature (74%), Strange (74%), Natural (71%), Nerdy (67%), Complex (61%), Strong (54%)

Interestingly, if I change to the 'i' spelling, it changes to:
Refined (81%), Serious (79%), Classic (76%), Formal (72%), Wholesome (71%), Upperclass (70%), Mature (69%), Natural (67%), Strange (56%), Simple (54%), Strong (54%), Nerdy (51%)

The big changes are that with the 'y' spelling, I see a big rise in Strange, Nerdy, Formal and Wholesome. The only axis change is that I become Complex instead of Simple.

I think if I were to go meme-spreading with this, I'd probably simplify it to:

Replace 'yourname' in the following URL with your name: http://www.behindthename.com/rating/view.php?name=yourname

Note the three highest rated impressions about your name (leave off the masculine/feminine and good/bad axes).

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Yesterday's News
illustrated self with ponytails

Did I tweet yesterday? I did!

12:13 twitpic.com/1gvu - "Warning! Stomach Flu at WisCon. WASH YOUR HANDS!" (these signs are all over. I'm fine, though.) #

12:15 twitpic.com/1gvw - Got the URL on this one, though! http://wisconnews.blogspot.com/ #

12:17 twitpic.com/1gw3 - Vampire Cabbie! (meant to get the url, but again too blurry) #

12:17 twitpic.com/1gw5 - "Robots arise, you have nothing to lose but your external power sources" (kinda blurry, sorry) #

15:13 Check teleread.org - as per e-book #WisCon panel. #

15:28 #WisCon - about to begin revealing your world panel. #

15:34 Omg am sitting next to patricia wrede #

16:54 Wandered out of world-revealing panel, bored. May now nap rather than attending faux-diversity panel. #

22:50 I am strongly and weirdly struck by how much #WisCon is making me miss my mother. #

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Yesterday's News
illustrated self with ponytails

Did I tweet yesterday? I did!

10:03 Good morning, world. The 1-hour time difference that made bedtime so necessary is at least making getting up easier. #

10:35 Oh! Robert Aspirin just died -- mythadventures.net/ -- Darn! That's a real loss. #

10:59 Female protagonist panel about to start. Used #WisCon con suite for breakfast. #

15:33 next panel about to start - rights of Simulacra #

16:58 Simulacrum discussion was fascinating. Off to "real" city in urban fantasy #WisCon panel. #

20:09 twitpic.com/1g5x - Multimedia message #

20:09 twitpic.com/1g5y - Multimedia message #

20:21 #WisCon - Looks like the twitpic comments did not come through. Those last are a teleportation square and the farmer's market. #

21:13 #WisCon - Am as pretty as I get, and about as dressed up. No interest in auction, so waiting for the evening parties/panels. #

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