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Our usual alternate wednesday game is off tonight, as a key person has to work late. There is a boardgaming night at the Menlo Park Panera, though I've never been to one of the weeknight meetups.

Some movies open this weekend. I'm rather interested in Astro Boy and somewhat less interested in The Vampire's Assistant. Astro Boy might be worth an outing, although grandbuddha is working until midnight on Friday, so he won't be available. Large movie expeditions have largely fizzled lately anyway.

There's a proposed sushi outing planned for Saturday up in Morris Plains.

Next weekend is over booked. Aside from Halloween, there's the New York Chocolate Show, the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, and LugosiCon. I think I'll be skipping Lugosicon, because I don't really care to go all the way up to Whippany around all the other stuff I have to do. aiskon is, though, so there'll be some scheduling around her. So far it looks like I'll take a half day on Friday and hit the chocolate show, and aiskon will head up to Whippany that evening. On Saturday, I have an afternoon thing in Manhattan, (as does ishldgetoutmore). I might suggest that ishldgetoutmore and I might want to walk to the Chocolate Show after, since it's nearby and ask ellindsey if he wants to meet us, since I know he was disappointed he could not make it on Friday. On Sunday, aiskon will head back homeward and we'll probably meet at the crafts fair noonish.

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I have a party in Rockaway at 7:00 PM. You're welcome to come along, although I'll say costumes are mandatory -- or else!

Do you know what you're doing for a costume?

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