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Star Trek Expesion Successfully Completed

Did I tweet yesterday? I did!

  • 10:54 bit.ly/vY7W4 - Star Trek: IMAX, tonight 10pm, Hamilton NJ. Possibly dinner first. Tickets - bit.ly/LXVs8 #
  • 17:18 Once again glad to have jumper cables. Gave @jpspiderman a jump on my way out. #
  • 21:38 Have obtained seats. 20 minutes to show. Di watches over my shoulder. #

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Did I tweet yesterday? I did!

  • 01:34 Have seen Star Trek and made it home. Now, it is time to collapse. #
  • 10:41 I have a hangover from insufficient sleep. Worth it for the whole movie experience, but I really wish I could have taken today off. #
  • 10:53 I do hate the new shakeycam trend. 75% of all action movies give me motion sickness now. I had to keep closing my eyes. #

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My thoughts-

Entertaining fluff. Good special effects, decent acting and character interaction. Plot was predictable and completely unoriginal, of course. A few physics implausibilities and plot points not really worth thinking too hard about.

Oh, and apparently the Enterprise is powered by beer.

And that was supposed to be me again. I don't know why livejournal doesn't seem to want to keep me logged in anymore.

I saw it last night too. There were lots of in jokes that you had to be familiar with the original to completely get. The actor playing McCoy had a tendency to over act when delivering "famous" lines. A friend that went with me called it an "E ride ticket" - a reference to back when Disney had to be paid with via tickets and an "E-ride" was the best. Personally, I enjoyed it for nostalgia's sake and found the whole thing greatly enhanced by the Imax experience.

Meanwhile - we saw X-men Origins earlier in the day and I LOVED it. Of course, eye-candy Hugh Jackson had nothing to do with that. LOL! I didn't feel anyone in the Star Trek movie qualified as eye candy although I enjoyed the actor playing Spock 's acting.

Yeah - I'm a dirty OLD woman.

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