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So, uh, I thought the Invisible Girl was a Marvel property

I'd actually been kind of psyched about the Young Justice cartoon. I liked the comic book and I like most of the announced characters. Having seen the trailer, well, I'll still watch, but I'm a lot less thrilled. The cheesey "today's the day" stuff I can write off as clunky exposition -- I'll hope the dialog improves. But, seriously, this is a six minute trailer meant to represent the whole show, and there are no, and by no I mean zero female characters. I think one or two of the civilian victims in the first scene were women, and the camera panned over Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman for a fraction of a second (they had no lines, of course).

Yes, I know "Artemis" (either the new Speedy or Arrowette with a new name, not the Amazon) and Miss Martian are supposed to turn up eventually, and rumor has it one episode may cover the Secret. But clearly they're not part of the pilot or core team if they're not even hinted at in the trailer.

Really, DC? I get that women aren't your core demographic, but none at all?

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Exactly my reaction. Major bummer.

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